Berkol RC’98 Dance Festival

“BERKOL RC’98 DANCE FESTIVAL”, which has been going on since 2009, is hosted by Robert College. The festival, which is limited to Latin dances and tango, is one of the few dance festivals held at high school level in Turkey. The idea of ​​holding a dance festival in Berkol’s name was put forward by Alison Oğuz, Berkol’s physics teacher and close friend at Robert College. This idea, which started to take shape in 2008, came to life in the spring of 2009 and repeated every year without a break until the 9th Festival in 2018. This year, the 11th Dance Festival will take place on Sunday, April 30.

With the support of the Robert College Alumni Office and the Dean of Student Affairs, important names of the dance community meet with young people every year in this festival. Through various workshops, high school students both improve their dance skills and become prepared for the warm world of dance. We continue our dance festival at full speed to promote dance, which is one of the oldest, most aesthetic and most entertaining ways of self-expression.

2016- 7. Berkol RC’98 Dance Festival Video